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Frodsham Youth Association
Frodsham Youth Association
Frodsham Youth Association
Frodsham Youth Association
Frodsham Youth Association


Mayor announces big donation at D of E Celebration Night

Wednesday night is Duke of Edinburgh and music night at FYA. But last Wednesday was a special night. As well as hearing presentations from the Silver D of E group, the latest Bronze team received their certificates and the Mayor, Fran Sutton, announced a grant of £8,200 for the club.

Since Cheshire West and Chester has withdrawn from providing foundation grants, many youth clubs in the borough have struggled. In Frodsham we are lucky that the Town Council has stepped in to provide a vital foundation grant. For every £1 that the Council grants, the club raises £4 to ensure we have one of the most active clubs in the region. But without the Council’s grant the club would close.

Fran said: “The Council is very happy to support all the great activities that go on at the club. I wish we could give more!  Tonight’s presentations just show what our young people can do given the chance.”

Here are some of the Bronze award winners:

collage-2015-10-03 (1)

The silver expedition includes three days of walking and two overnight camps. It was cold and wet, a real challenge and the phrase “character building” was ever present. The participants really grew with the experience, became a team, dealt with ups and downs and did it all in good spirit. None of the teams admitted to being lost at any point but merely confused at times! Here is one team during their presentation.

Silver presentation

The club can offer the award scheme at a fraction of the normal cost and make it accessible to everybody. This is possible because of the volunteers we have, led by Paul Nichols who is in charge of the expeditions. But we also need to thank parents and trustees who made it possible, particularly Gary Berthels, who was involved in route planning, transport and check point manning on every day.

Here is Paul telling the audience that filled the hall how he grew to know and like the group that had started out appearing to be an annoying group of noisy teenagers. But he was also making a serious point. Yes, D of E does look good on your CV, but there is a reason: it shows you can make a commitment, do something difficult, experience becoming a team in adverse conditions. As Paul says, it is character building!

pauls talk2

D of E Practice Hike


The Bronze D of E practice weekend took place April 25/26.

The hike was from the youth club to Queen Charlotte Wood, camp over night and hike back a different route on the Sunday. 

Everyone did well and there was lots of learning for all young people for the actual expedition due to take place at Beeston in June.

Special thanks to Paul Nichols our expedition leader he did a fantastic job as always. 

Dough from the Mayor

Dough from Mayor

Allen Wales, Frodsham’s Mayor, dropped into a baking session at the youth club this week. We were making bread as part of the new skills section of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Allen nominated the youth club as his charity of the year and came to the club to present a cheque following a successful Mayor’s party held at the Forest Hills last month. Thanks to Allen the club has an extra £1,400 to extend its activities this year.

The party featured a silent auction with generous donations from Catton Hall, The Bears Paw, Widnes Vikings and a picture from local artist Roland Brandom. In addition many people donated prizes for the raffle.

During the year, Allen also organized a painting day where his colleagues from Sainsbury’s painted the downstairs craft room.

Quote from Allen,

“I am very happy to support the youth club and nominate it as my charity for the year. It is great to see the building well used and the range of activities is very impressive.”




Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Night

Frodsham Youth Association hit an important milestone when our first Duke of Edinburgh Bronze group achieved their awards after six months of hard work all round.

The Youth Association has had to put in a great deal of effort behind the scenes to allow this project to get off the ground, securing funding to allow the Duke of Edinburgh Award to be accessible to young people who normally would find the Award out of their price range. The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is exactly the kind of activity that allows young people to grow, learn and have fun working towards skills and responsibilities that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Before the Frodsham Youth Association’s initiative it was not possible for young people in the Frodsham area to enrol on a Duke of Edinburgh scheme unless they belonged to a uniformed organisation. The new scheme has proven to be very popular such that we could not take all those who applied to take part.
We are pleased to say that the initial participants stayed the course and have been justly rewarded with their hard earned certificate and badge. Now for them the Silver Award beckons after a short respite.

The new Bronze award intake of fifteen, which includes those that were not allocated a place in the first scheme, were invited to attend the presentation to see what they will receive at the end of their six months, and to register officially with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
Over the next six months they will be expected to volunteer for three months in the community, set themselves physical goals which they must work towards, learn a new skill over the whole six months and embark upon an expedition. The newly graduated participants were on hand to offer encouragement and support to the new group.
Of course the award would not be possible without some important support from volunteer helpers and as well as congratulating the Award recipients some important additional acknowledgements were made.


Congratulations go to, from Left to Right, Abbymae, Georgina, Hannah, Becky, Georgia, Lauren, Faye, Loughlin, Ed, Matthew, Joe, Michael, Byron, Thalia and Imogen

Helping to provide the award were Paul Nicholls who planned the expedition routes and provided training for the expeditions, David Dobson and Darrell Tinsley who ran the music group which was offered as one of the skill activities, Bryan Hulse who ran the cooking skill group and Nicola Mikoleizik, Frodsham Youth Association’s youth leader, who not only ran the scrapbooking skill group but provided the focal point for the whole of the award. Thanks also went to Rod Hyde, the Treasurer of FYA, without whose fundraising efforts the entire enterprise would not have been possible, and thanks to Gary Berthels for giving up a weekend to assist on the expedition.
The Youth Association is pleased at the strong start the Award scheme has had and the overall boost it has been to the Youth Club in general, and are hopeful that with the oversubscribed new intake this trend will continue. We wish both the continuing Silver and the new Bronze groups every success in the coming months.