Building Hire Charges

We can make the following available to outside groups.

  • a hall with a balcony
  • two good sized general purpose rooms
  • 2 kitchen areas

Due to the design of the building, it is difficult to accommodate more than one group at a time. The only time when this would be feasible is when the hall is not in use and two separate groups are accommodated in the two general purpose rooms.

Bookings organised on a sessional basis. morning, afternoon and evening and we charge on this basis rather than quote an hourly rate.

The sessions are

Morning                      early until 12.30

Afternoon                    12.30 until 17.00

Evening                       17.00 until late

The hirer must have left the building by the quoted end of the session.

General Purpose Room

£ per session Morning/Afternoon Evening Weekend
Non-commercial 15 20 20
Commercial 20 30 30


£ per session Morning/Afternoon Evening Weekend Sessions
Non-commercial 20 30 30
Commercial 40 50 50

To hire the whole building will cost 10% more that the Hall charge to cover the cost of cleaning and general wear and tear.

So to hire the whole building for a Monday for commercial use would cost £143 (40+40+50+10%).

In addition, it is possible to provide a discount for long term bookings in excess of 6 months.

There is a hirer’s agreement that define the rights and obligations of the hirer. The hirer will be required to sign this agreement before occupying the building.