Sports Project

The Youth Club offers a range of different sports for young people to take part in. All news on sports will be listed on the home page. We have completed the sportshall athletics program and it was very successful. There are sports in the hall every week. It’s mostly football and dodgeball but we are hoping to have new basketball nets installed so that we can play basketball. The club takes a trip out to either velocity or silver blades ice rink every 4 months as part of this project. The club also recently rented the leisure centre for a sports night. We used: Sports hall, ping pong room, squash courts, etc…

Sportshall Athletics-North West Youth Finals:

The North West Youth Sportshall Athletics finals will take place on Friday 10th February 2017 at Frodsham Youth Association in the Main Hall. It will begin at 5:15pm and will finish at 7:00pm. The tryouts will take place on Friday 3rd February, you must qualify to run for Frodsham Youth Club in the finals. You can take place in: 2 Lap, 4 Lap, 2 Lap Obstacle, Chest Push, Long Jump, Javelin, Speed Bounce and 4×1 Lap relay (If you get in the top 4 times). It is for all young people in years 4-6. It will not be a gun start after what happened at Round 1.

Sportshall Athletics sponsored by Eveque. To learn more, please Click Here.

For training info and tips please visit Halton & Frodsham Harriers AC on any Tuesday from 7:00pm-8:00pm in Frodsham Leisure Centre (In the Sports hall).

To qualify and get recommended to the England athletics squad, please score the following at the finals:


2x Lap: 0.20

4x Lap: 0.38

2x Lap Obstacle: 0.22

Standing Long Jump: 200 Points

Speed Bounce: 50 Points

Chest Push: 11 Points

Javelin: 27 Points

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